Skin Care

Two-In-One Chemical and Physical Exfoliation​

Are you looking for the ultimate in care and the secret to age-defying skin in Ormond Beach Florida? Then, our estheticians recommend one of our chemical peels, dermabrasion, or skin resurfacing packages.

Great for the face and the back, our chemical and physical exfoliation treatment program (which requires between 5 and 12 applications in two-week intervals for max results) provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces the Appearance of Age Lines: This spa treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and other features that hint at age.
  • Hydrates and Shields Your Face from the Elements: A healthy face is a face that is resistant to UV rays and floating free radicals that can adversely affect your skin.
  • Improves the Appearance of Scarring: Whether you have plastic surgery scars or lasting acne scarring; our 2-in-1 skin resurfacer treatment program is for you.

This specialized spa treatment from our day spa, Ormond Massage and Wellness Center in Florida, is ideal for anyone who wants to look younger longer and understands that the health of their face is an important part of their overall health.

Each treatment takes between thirty minutes to an hour, is not painful, and is more affordable than you might think. Contact us today for package information and promotions.

Look As Young As You Feel and Defy Age Today…

Microcurrent Facelift

Using a non-invasive professional nursing process, significant treatment effect, safe and painless, non-invasive physical therapy without side effects. Microcurrent facelift replenishes moisture and nutrients needed for each layer. The precise treatment provides a “non-surgical face or body-lift” with its thorough, systematic workout for your muscles. Over time, the continued muscle re-training results in a more lifted and toned appearance. This exercise regime for your face and body will show continuing gradual improvement. The result: a more lifted appearance. The Microcurrent workout energizes your muscles, stimulates your collagen, minimized cellulite and stretch marks, and makes you look and feel great. Microcurrent facial and body therapy uses mild electrical current to lift and tone the facial muscles. During your treatment, we target more than 100 different specific locations on your face alone to stimulate all of the underlying muscles.
55 min. for $110 / 5 sessions for $480 / 10 sessions for $850

Mineral Bath – Golden Moor Chocolate (Hydration)

Do you need to hydrate dry parched skin? Would you like to soften the appearance of cellulite and prevent future cellulite from forming? The Golden Moor Chocolate Mineral Bath is perfect for you.
35 min. for $45

Mineral Bath – Golden Moor Mountain Mist (Refreshing)

Desire mental clarity? Want to take a mini-mental vacation? Are you tired and need recharging or invigorating? Do you want to relieve sore muscles from a workout or are experiencing “sports stress?” Want to boost your immune system? Do you need to reduce joint inflammation?
Typically Moor Mud reduces inflammation, increases circulation and helps the body flush away the dislocated blood. Clients have reported that bruises treated with Moor therapy heal and dissipate faster and with less residual pigmentation than those left untreated. Mud wraps help Fibromyalgia, injury, cellulite system, anti-inflammatory, arthritis, and cellulite.
35 min. for $45

Mineral Bath – Golden Moor Lavender (Relaxing)

The Relaxing Lavender Mineral Bath is perfect if you need to alleviate a stressful life, get a deeper night sleep, travel and need to fight jet lag, need help regulating sleep patterns, desire a peaceful, calm feeling, or need to calm sunburned or irritated skin.
35 min. for $45

Spray Tan – Custom Organic

Our goal is to provide a safe way for people to have the tan that they desire. Organic sunless spray tanning is by far the safest way to achieve the natural, youthful and healthful look we’re all going for. Totally safe! No sun exposure and won’t clog pores. It goes on with color to see application areas. It’s odorless and dries quickly and NEVER leaves you sticky. The moisturizing formula keeps skin hydrated. It is safe and effective on all skin types and made with the best ingredients / Organic DHA. Designed to firm skin and improve complexion. The tan lasts at least a week. One-on-One sessions for a custom finish.
30 min. for $40 / 5 sessions for $180

Skin Detox Facelift (Add-on)

10 min. for $10

Cellulite Body Wrap (Weight Loss Program)

We must understand that cellulite consists mostly of “intoxicated” fat cells that are between layers of connective tissue in the thighs and buttocks. The only effective way to reduce cellulite is to perform a combined two-step internal and external protocol, losing 1 dress size each session. Multiple sessions are recommended.
55 min. for $120 / 5 sessions for $480

Detox Body Wrap

Detox Body Wraps use a variety of products such as algae, seaweed, mud, clay, or gel to help rid the body of toxins. When the product is applied to the body, it’s called a body mask. After the product is applied, you are wrapped in plastic and covered with a blanket for about 20 minutes. These products work by stimulating your circulation, drawing out impurities, and giving your body minerals it might be missing. Afterward, the body mask is washed off and the esthetician will apply lotion (though not through a massage). Save the full body wrap for when you are really making changes in your diet and trying to reduce your toxic load.
60 min. for $75

Hydrating Body Wrap

We must understand that cellulite consists mostly of “intoxicated” fat cells that are between layers of connective tissue in the thighs and buttocks. The only effective way to reduce cellulite is to perform a combined two-step internal and external protocol, losing 1 dress size each session. Multiple sessions are recommended.
60 min. for $75 / 5 sessions for $325

Mineral Body Wrap

60 min. for $75 / 5 sessions for $325

Foot Paraffin

Paraffin is often used in skin-softening salon and spa treatments on the hands, cuticles, and feet because it’s colorless, tasteless, and odorless. It can also be used to provide pain relief to sore joints and muscles.
20 min. for $20

Hand Paraffin

Peach, with vitamin E paraffin, great to soften hands and the wellness is to bring the blood to the fingertips. Great for aches, pains, and arthritis.
15 min. for $25

Ionic Foot Detox Cleanse Session

Detoxification is the process of cleaning the internals to flush out toxins. Usually, the concept of cleansing is associated with colonics or colon cleansing but the foot has over 100,000 sweat glands which can release toxins when properly stimulated. Schedule your foot detox to cleanse to help attain optimum wellness.
30 min. for $30

Full Body Wax

If you are looking for a new look or a way to revamp your appearance then maybe you should consider a full body wax. Waxing is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. Especially if excess hair growth is a real problem.
55 min. for $110


Advantages cited for eyebrow threading, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, are that it provides more precise control in shaping eyebrows and is gentler on the skin. There are a few different techniques for threading. These include the hand method, mouth method, and neck method. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages; however, the mouth holding method is the fastest and most precise method.
35 min for $30

Various Body Wax

Hair removal is available for various parts of the body. Shape eyebrows & clean up the eyebrow area. Bikini and Brazilian hair removal using special formulated hard wax with essential oils to desensitize areas. Remove extra hair surrounding the lip or chin area. Remove underarm hair to reveal smooth skin for 2-4 weeks. Remove arm, chest, back, or leg hair.
60 min. for $25

Eyebrow Tint

Get perfectly shaped, colored and groomed eyebrows with RefectoCil!
15 min. for $10


Great for those special events!
75 min. for $60

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes have been around for a solid century now! During the 1920s strip lashes became a popular fashion trend, and they have not slowed down a bit! With strip lashes, you can add a small amount of volume or go crazy with a dramatic style. The great thing about strip lashes vs lash extensions is that you can change your look up every day and match your lash to your eye makeup or mood!
20 min. for $25

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